Blogs I commented on Soccer is super fun! I’m not very good at it though. Do you have a special song you use to pump yourself up before a game? For your 20 facts about you, could you answer, what is your favorite food? Thanks, Nick Have you ever been somewhere where the food was magnificent?… Read More Blogs I commented on

My Image with Poem

I want to eat I eat everyday sometimes I like to eat fast sometimes I like to eat slow eating is entertaining eating is fun eating tastes good   I would like to apologize for this post, I was having major writers block and couldn’t think of anything else to make a poem of. -Nick

5 blogs i commented on and what i said I think that your blog is super cool! Have you been to all three of these places? If you have, which one is your favorite? -Nick Do you swim at school? Because I think that if you do, that’s very cool. If not, are you on a swim team? If so, what’s your… Read More 5 blogs i commented on and what i said

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This is my avatar. I picked this because it represents me in a couple ways. First, the person in this picture is a small child. This represents me because a lot of my friends would say, I’m like a little kid. Second, this small child is holding a very dangerous weapon, a sword. This represents me… Read More My Avatar